Showing my workings out

Clipboard and pencil with drawing

I wouldn’t normally do this but this was for a personal project so here are my workings out for a recent Lectora title I developed. It was all about checking your bicycle before heading out to make sure it is safe to ride.

The main thing I wanted to do here was apply the move to action I used in my earlier example to a specific project. I was also keen to explore the issue I discussed some time ago about second guessing your learners and provide them with the opportunity to complete the activity in any way they like. Hence the drawing.

You can view the finished product here.

Parts of bicycle screenshot

Essentially what I wanted people to do was to move the image around to explore and click on the highlighted areas to
find out more about what to check for. I also wanted some way for the learner to be able to keep track of which section they were looking at so I included a thumbnail with a highlight that
moved with the learner’s interaction. I broke the image into quadrants but I wanted the learner to move to each quadrant in any order.Parts of bicycle thumbnail

As before I had an action that modified the variables used to define the X and Y positions of the main image so the learners could move it around but in this case these were set to specific values (-650 and 35, and 35 and -367 respectively) rather than added to.

Variable bicycleY set equal to minus 367

To move the highlight around the thumbnail I chose a different method. I had one variable with four potential values: TR (top right), TL (top left), BR (bottom right) and BL (bottom left). The highlight would jump to the relevant segment depending upon the value of that variable.modify variable screenshot2

There were quite a few things to work out which is why I found it useful to lay our my ideas in a drawing.

I am happy to share the files with anyone who would like to see them in detail. Please add a comment below. And, of course, if you have a different way of doing this and are willing to share your ideas, please add those below as well.

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