Riding my bike

This blog is usually about matters e-learning as that is what I do for a living and the main purpose of this website is to promote my business. However, I work to live rather than live to work so this time I have decided to write about something else. It still includes a shameless plug, though!… Continue reading Riding my bike

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One size fits all?

one sized fits all?

The use of mobile devices has exploded over the last few years. E-learning developers need to take their use into account when creating content but it is more than just making sure it is legible on a smaller screen. We need to look at how we use mobile devices in other parts of our life and reflect those habits in our development of new content.

Creating good out of bad

Last week I attended the Virtual Patients Symposium, “We Are Our Choices” in London. This brought together participants across Europe and the world involved in a number of projects regarding online learning in the medical sector. The latest of these is called WAVES (Widening Access to Virtual Educational Scenarios), a project I am involved with.… Continue reading Creating good out of bad

Becoming an expert

Do you need to be a subject matter expert to be an instructional designer? Is it realistic to know the topics you are creating e-learning for inside out? How much of the topic should you know? “A good trainer should be able to train anything even rocket science or brain surgery.” I always recall something… Continue reading Becoming an expert

Tell me or let me learn for myself

Which works best? One of my earlier postings was all about trying to create interactive training whether the learner is encouraged to uncover the information themselves, rather than simply having it presented to them. This is a conversation I have regularly with some of the people I have worked with. My inclination is to go… Continue reading Tell me or let me learn for myself

Responsive development with Lectora 16

Lectora 16 is the latest version of Trivantis’ rapid authoring tool. They’ve jumped straight from 12 to 16, using the current year (possibly to avoid unlucky 13). The selling point of the new version is responsive design – being able to create content that can be deployed to different sized platforms from desktop down to… Continue reading Responsive development with Lectora 16