Getting it right first time

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Getting it right first time

I storyboarded and developed this module in Lectora and Captivate for a pharmaceutical company.


Before a new drug can come to market it must be approved by the regulatory authority for each country or region it will be available in. The process involves the submission of numerous documents at various stages of the trial for the new drug. Once the documents are received by the regulatory authority they are checked for technical errors to ensure that they are easy to review. This includes making sure heading styles are correctly applied so that the table of contents displays correctly; removing active links to external websites; and making sure that references to other documents are properly highlighted. It is at this stage that the submission is very often rejected which can lead to delays in the drug coming to the market.


Members of staff in a pharmaceutical business responsible for submitting documents relating to clinical trials to the relevant regulatory authority for approval of a new drug.


In order to reduce the number of documents rejected for technical errors the “Getting it right first time” module was developed.
The subject matter was fairly straightforward involving some simple techniques in Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat, most of which the learners would already know. We just needed to make them aware that they needed to apply that knowledge to produce submission ready documents.

Throughout the module, as far as possible we avoided simply presenting information.

This was for two reasons. The first was to make the module more engaging, getting the learners to learn by doing things. The second reason was because at the heart of the module were a series of assessments on various activities in Word and Acrobat. We needed to make sure the assessments were relevant and only offered help and advice if the learners were unable to complete them.

The module included an element of branching as not all learners used Word and Acrobat to create submission ready documents. Some only used one or the other and we did not want them to be concluding exercises that they already knew.

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