Finance Fundamentals

Screenshot of "Finance Fundamentals" module

I was responsible for storyboarding this module and developing it in Lectora for a pharmaceutical company.


Research and development costs are a part of the company’s expenditure. As a pharmaceutical business, costs for clinical trials are an important part of R&D costs. Money spent on trials therefore has a direct impact on the way the business communicates to its investors and the wider financial world.


Trial managers at country and regional levels


This module was designed and developed to inform trial managers at a regional and country level about keeping costs as low as possible, managing according to budget targets and ensuring that R&D work is done on budget to ensure the business remains profitable.

As far as possible we attempted to get the learners to uncover the information rather than simply present. It therefore included a series of exercises on initially costing a trial, managing the budget over time and identify what costs might change as a result of changes to the original specification.

The training was aimed at two audiences: those who manage trials and their budgets at a country level; and those who do the same at a regional level. The two audiences have different responsibilities and tasks, whilst the overall message for both is the same. The module therefore included branching to ensure only the relevant content was delivered.