Curtains for Lectora

When it comes to creating e-learning for adults it is usually better to let them find out things for themselves. They will occasions when you will need to guide them, giving them the information they need to complete an activity, to sum up afterwards, or to provide additional background material. Sometimes this can be quite extensive and, with limited real estate on the page, it can be quite a challenge.

One solution is to have the info slide in and out in a curtains effect.

One possible solution is to have the information slide on and off the screen in a carousel or curtains effect. You can view my attempt at creating some curtains in Lectora on the Trivantis Community as part of their regular competition. The theme this time was summer holidays so I took the opportunity to share some of my holiday snaps!

Essentially it was a series of tabs with associated grouped objects (in my case, text and images). Clicking on a tab moved it and slid the group into view. Clicking a second time would move it back. Each tab would also have to move the other groups backwards and forwards. Some of the groups would start and end off the screen. A series of variables took care of moving the objects in the right direction.

The images themselves were taken on an early Spring weekend (rather than my Summer holiday) to the city of Prague. What I wanted to show with these photographs was some of the slightly less well known parts of a place that has become a very popular destination for short breaks but has a long history. If you like the pictures you can see more of them on my Flickr account.

You can view the results and download the Lectora files here. If you have any questions do feel free to let me know.