Changing contents


Lectora has an option to change the state of buttons but currently the states are active or inactive only (there is also a down and over state when you click or hover over them). There is no option to create a selected or visited state, for example. You may want to include these to allow the learner to see which buttons they have clicked to keep track of their actions.

Trivantis may have plans to update this but in the meantime a simple workaround is to create multiple image files for active, selected, visited and inactive, and use the change contents action to have them switch state.

I have created a couple of examples which you can view from the links below. You can also download Lectora library objects from the same links.

Example 1: active, inactive and selected

In the first example, the learners are required to click the buttons in order. There are three images for each button: inactive, active and selected. This example could be used if you need your learners to click on topics in a certain order. The inactive topics become active (and change to the active image) once the previous button has been clicked. A chosen button changes to the selected state until another button is clicked.

Example 2: active, selected and visited

In the second example, the learners can click on the buttons in any order. Clicking on a button changes its state to selected and any previously clicked buttons to a visited state.

How this was achieved

  1. Create the images for the buttons in each state and add them to the page as images.
  2. Delete all but the images for the state you want them to be in initially
  3. Have an action on each image to change the contents of the object to the selected state image when clicked
  4. Create additional actions to change the states of the other buttons to visited, active etc. You will need to include variables to record when a button has been clicked